Monday, May 14, 2012

Junior League of Boca Raton and Whole Foods Market Team Up to Tackle Childhood Obesity!

By Shawn Sherlock

After months of event planning, watering crops and a ton of waiting…it was FINALLY time for the Kids in the Kitchen- Whole Foods Healthy Outing Extravaganza! Our mission: to empower a group of kids from the YMCA to make healthier lifestyle choices.

First stop: The Community Garden!

For months our dedicated K.I.T.K. crew worked diligently to grow carrots, radishes, tomatoes and many other healthy snacks here. Once the bus arrived, the kids jumped out eager to see and hear about these crops up close and personal! Check out “Betsy the Gardener” giving the kids a tour!

And of course, the more Betsy talked about the crops, the hungrier these cute kids got. So….FINALLY, they got their wish and picked away!!!

Next stop: