Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SHARE the Season Thanksgiving Meals

On Saturday, November 20th, the Junior League of Boca Raton assembled more than 150 SHARE the Season Thanksgiving meals for members of our community. The meals, which included a turkey, stuffing, vegetables and more, were then delivered to families in need identified through our Spirit of Giving Network.

Participating in this Done In A Day service project was truly such a wonderful and rewarding experience. When I pulled up to the Boca Helping Hands facility in East Boca, things were already in full swing. Dozens of meals were arranged in bags on the floor. Junior League volunteers were pairing off 2 by 2 and loading up their cars with the bags. JLBR President Samantha Vasallo was there with her two children to collect their package.  

JLBR President Samantha Vasallo picking up her Thanksgiving SHARE meal.

I was going to deliver packages with Jessica, a provisional member with a big heart who had been there early to pick up and deliver some of the packages for families at the school where she teaches. Loaded up with 8 packages and my trusty GPS, we set off. 

The packages included a pie, a turkey, frozen vegetables, and more.

The first person we visited was not at home. Since the individual lived close to the Boca Helping Hands facility, we decided to try him again on the way back. Two stops later we found ourselves at the home of a woman who thanked us, apologized for her messy house, introduced us to her kids, and then thanked us again. We actually ended up delivering two meals to her place. Earlier, when we'd discovered that one of our recipients wasn't at home, we called and she asked if we could drop it off with this woman, who was her friend. I thought it was really touching that they all knew each other and were friends. Their kids were in school & extracurricular activities together.

Here's me with some of the packages.

The recipient at our next stop was so grateful and overwhelmed by the gift that she started crying in front of us. She fanned her face with her hand and wiped away her tears as she showed us where she had made space in her refrigerator for the food. She even kindly gave us back the stuffing, admitting that she wouldn't eat it, and asked if we could give it to someone else who would.

We wrapped up the afternoon with two more deliveries and gratitude in our hearts. 

Click here to learn more about SHARE.

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