Monday, November 7, 2011

The Boca Raton Community Garden Box Build

By Christina Hanna
Teenagers and power tools? It seems like a chaotic combination to me! In fact, the partnering of Boca Raton High School students, the Police Athletic League, and Junior League volunteers proved to be a cooperative success that led to the construction of over 50 wooden planting boxes for our Community Garden! 

Not being a power tool pro myself, I knew I would need to recruit some help from my handy fiancĂ©. Armed with two drills (his contribution), and an cooler full of Gatorade (my way of participating), we surveyed our surroundings: a seemingly insurmountable pile of plywood planks and a scattering of neon-clad high schoolers sauntering around listening to their iPods. 

Within minutes, thanks to the organizational mastermind known as Megan Dangerfield Rask, we transformed into drill-wielding powerhouse teams of three (or in my fiance’s case, a team of one that could out-drill us all). The iPod headphones came out, the manicures got chipped, and we who had no construction experience began to feel like master craftsmen, building one another up with words of advice and encouragement. 
In two hours, our band of builders stood before what appeared to be a wooden work of modern art—in reality, 50 boxes stacked criss-cross—the fruit of our labor, which would house the future fruit of our garden!
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