Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chocolate Decadence Online

The Sweetest Party is town is taking place next Thursday, February 3rd at The Shops at Boca Center. It's sure to be -- well -- a pretty sweet time. ;-)  Chocolate Decadence has quite a footprint on the internet. Here are a few sites you can visit for more information:
  • The Chocolate Decadence website has the most information in one place and is also where you can buy your tickets.
  • The Chocolate Decadence Facebook page currently shows more than 175 people attending, and that number is sure to increase as the date gets closer! Check this page out to see if any of your friends are going, or to invite your friends to join you. You can also visit the JLBR's Chocolate Decadence Facebook page here.
  • Do you tweet? The Chocolate Decadence Twitter page created by LivingFLA.com has been all a-buzz lately! This is a good way to get immediate information about the latest updates to the event.
  • The Sun-Sentinel also recently wrote a piece about The Sweetest Party in Town.
If you still have questions, feel free to call the Junior League office at 561-620-2553. I've attended Chocolate Decadence every year since I've been involved in the JLBR (this is my 4th year). It's delicious and fun! Hope to see you there!

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